Bobbie and Steve Doolie join the show from the Burbank airport to discuss the book “Haunted Air.” Phil and the panel then discuss movies. And RC Collins calls in on his way to the office to tell the panel about his new girlfriend.

Episode 493 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Chris

    First heard about that book ‘Haunted Air’ last year from this show, glad you brought it up again. Those costumes are eerie in a way that is impossible to duplicate.

  • Luke D. (aka Dean Freakin)
    Luke D. (aka Dean Freakin)

    Great show!! I gotta go see “Missles to the Moon” with the rock monster, starring Jervy.

  • SCOTT Forer
    SCOTT Forer

    We all know Carl Reiner is bald as a bowling ball going back to the “Dick Van Dyke “days. I’m curious as if this is Carl’s real hair before it all fell out. The reason why I ask is because in this particular movie it looks too real to be a toupee. Unless he spent a fortune to make it look as natural as possible. Does he or doesn’t he ? Only you guys would know for sure.

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