Monday, October 21, 2002

Show log by Senor Paul Dintino

Hour 1:
Margaret Gray runs over a homeless girl while drunk. Her cleaning woman, an illegal alien has to take the rap. Phil really loves the San Diego Chargers (who are 6 & 1) but pretends he doesn’t

Hour 2:
Steve Bosell thinks the media is using words that are too advanced when describing the beltway sniper. He speaks for all of the listeners when he says you don’t understand terms related to the story.

Hour 3:
Phil starts off the hour talking about the news coverage of the D.C. Sniper. Phil takes some calls

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  • Anthony

    One of my fav’s. LOL

  • Avatar

    Margaret running over that girl was the first PHS skit I heard. I was driving home from night school. I was trying to call in to chew out Margaret but I never made it through.


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