Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Show Log by Mr. Paul Dintino
Hour 1:
Jay Santos and the Citizen’s Auxiliary Police are conducting flare-drops & belt-sanding paint off of cars to see if they have been re-painted. Classic Lloyd and Jay interaction with the “scull sexed” mention in this hour!

Hour 2:
Dave Oliva wants people to respect the D.C. Police who are trying to catch the sniper or else they will stop trying. He wants to be LAPD.

Hour 3:
The Beltway Sniper is interviewed by Entertainment Tonight about his upcoming movie. Phil takes some calls. Skippy & Frank from KKOW want to get the beltway sniper laid by one of their of female listeners. Phil discusses more sniper news

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    A’int that right Jim? Not me!

    Sir, you just had that car painted….why?

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    One of the best JS/CAP episodes ever!

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    The first hour of this show is absolutely classic…Phil used it in his "Best of" and "Request" shows, but listening to the entire Jay Santos/Beltsander program is the best way to hear it. I love how Phil almost loses it a couple times, then gets his composure back! The vet from Fort Mitchell Alabama is the best call, but even the fellow named Morris tells Jay "You’re not very bright!"

    Funny stuff!!!

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