Hour 1:

Phil opens the show with a listener flashback called “Please Hang Up” from the 1997 Best of CD. Jeff Dowder joins Phil because he thinks Phil was talking about one ear being hotter than the other. He is excited to tell Phil that the monks that transcribed The Bible also made Pilsner beer. Lloyd Bonafide calls in and tells Phil he created a new cologne. His scent you ask? Booze scented cologne. He thinks it will make cops look foolish when giving breathalyzers. Harvey Wireman joins Phil and Lloyd and begins commenting on the idea. Lloyd and Harvey begin to argue. Father James McQuarters…starts sniffing around, and wonders what it is he smells. He says it’s the Bay Area football. Frank Gray calls in and tells Phil he went to a black barber shop to see if he could get his hair cut, he wanted it cut like Steve Harvey. His gender confusion get’s the best of him.

Hour 2:

Dean Wheeler is on to discuss his Goth daughters. He thinks if you dress like Superman on Halloween it disrespects Goth kids. Most callers agree that Dean is a bad parent and needs to grow up.

Hour 3:

R.C. Collins explains how he is is use to Goth. Bar Sinister is a Goth bar. Denzel Fresh is on with his “Jazz Encounter.” Jeff Dowder is on E-bay. He notices someone is selling Phil’s Best Of CD. on e-bay…it happens to be a copy. Jeff notices there is a lot of stuff showcased on e-bay regarding Phil.

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    I gotta buy a new phoooooooooone….

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