Hour 1:

Brad Rifkin is on to tell Phil about his new Halloween costume he created. It’s none other than Rosa Parks. He created it to teach and educate young black kids on who she was. Callers are outraged and believe what Brad is doing is tasteless.

Hour 2:

Dr. Jim Sadler is on because he went to a costume party that he was not invited to. He dressed in a bunny costume.

Hour 3:

Phil plays a listener flashback from 9/23/03 called Jerry Lewis is a Monster featuring Steve Bosell. The Combover Boy Show comes on because he is having sex with his grandmother. Father McQuarters calls in because he heard Phil did a rib job on Combover Boy. He is upset with Phil because he has a combover 101 bumper sticker. Phil closes the show. He sounds hollow while Bud sounds normal. Phil’s in a heap and the SFX machine is on.

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