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Monday, October 3, 2016

NOTE: Since the recent release of Apple’s newest iOS 10, we have noticed problems with the videocast and audio streams in these posts on iPhones and iPads running iOS 10. We did some digging, and it seems to be a very widespread problem affecting HTML5 video and audio players on iOS 10 devices. The problem is on on Apple’s end, not ours, and they have said that a fix is in the works for the coming days/ weeks. If you are having problems accessing the videocast or the streaming audio link in these posts on your iOS 10 iPhone or iPad, we recommend viewing or listening from a computer until Apple releases that update soon. Note this applies only to these posts. The BSP Subscriber iTunes podcast link is not affected by this and is running normally. Thank you!

It’s a Phil Only Monday as Phil talks about his run to Home Depot, planting a palm tree and losing an iPhone amidst the fertilizer and paving stones.

Our BSP Classic Hour is from October, 2000. Brass Villhenueva from Los Malos warns that unless the Presidential debates are held in spanish tonight then all the hispanics will vote for either Nader or Buchannan.

Episode 742 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Gary Harper

    Oh Man.. Roof top deck contractor…That said it all… you didn’t need to say anything else. There is an exotic tree business in the valley somewhere…I was there a long time ago.. all kinds of weird palms.

  • pixel traveller
    pixel traveller

    GINGER BAKER?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • TommyT

    Love the Phil-Only, Phil! Keep them going!

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    Joni Ellsworth

    Phil, will this affect the way I listen to your show on the bows? My niece puts the show from the apple pod thing that plugs into the computer and then plays the show on the bows after she plugs it into that. You know, those bows things that are like a radio except that they have no knobs and the whole thing is taken up by the speaker?!?! Anyway Phil I hope my niece can work it out as she is very good with computers, kind of like Trump said about his son. Kids are so smart these days! And Phil, I’m a little jealous because I have always wanted a palm tree but hubby wastes time and money on planting useless fucking fig and pomegranate trees and other useless ugly trees. The fruit they produce, when and if they do, and if the squirrels don’t get to it first, is always dry, nasty, and tasteless. I hope you found your iPhone. Is that like a sell phone? Love always, and to your girlfriend and your cats too!

  • Rogelio Campos Jr
    Rogelio Campos Jr

    FYI – If someone happens to find a missing iPhone or iPad, just ask Siri, “Who does this Phone belong to?” if the owner has enabled Siri to get his personal detail then it will definitely provide you the personal details of the owner. Alternatively, you can ask Siri to “Call Mom, Dad or Home”, if contact is saved on these names then Siri can help you call them.

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    Andrew Wiley

    Is the “David” you mention in the Classic Hour, who said you needed to lose weight, David G. Hall?

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