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Monday, September 26, 2005

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Hour 1:

Phil opens the show discussing his Sunday night. He says he ate a tub of pudding and watched Desperate Housewives! David and Bud make fun of Phil because he stumbled over his words. Phil discussed his brunch on Sunday morning with the Fillmore Middle cast. Phil plays a listener flashback called Spanish Sportscast from 9-14-04. Margaret Gray joins Phil, she is on a train. She is returning from the Anti-War Protest. Margaret Gray sings "American Idiot" by Green Day. Phil asks the question "where does money from the hurricane really go?" Phil discusses the L.A. Radio People Poll. He was ranked # 10. Phil reads e-mail from his listeners. Phil talks about how he heard from Coach Jaggs.

Hour 2:

Ted Bell is on with Phil and he is upset. Peter Maddox the cancer patient lived. Ted donated money to him thinking he was terminal. Callers believe he is an idiot for asking for the money back. One caller tells Ted that he has no idea what kids with cancer have to go through.

Hour 3:

Pastor William Rennick surprises Phil with singing Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing." Phil discusses e-mail and how a lot is going on with the show. Phil discusses gas prices and how he is spending $60 a week. Phil says Starband is a horrible company. Phil talks about how the weatherman says Hurricane Katrina was made by Japanese Yakoza. Lloyd Bonafide joins Phil and tells him that Thomas Jefferson had relations with his negro maid. At the close of the show Phil discusses how Lyndie England was found guilty of War Crimes.


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