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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Hour 1:

Justin McAlroy is driving without a license on the air to protest the fact that the underaged are being discriminated against. Callers are outraged and believe Justin should respect the privilege.

Hour 2:

Lloyd Bonafide calls in to tell Phil he went to an open mic night and got into an altercation with a young asian boy. Callers think Lloyd overreacted because they too have been yelled at during an open mic night. Phil plays a listener flashback called "Looking in the Bathroom stalls" featuring Jay Santos from 7-16-02.

Hour 3:

Phil has a special guest in the studio tonight..Peter Sarafinavich. Phil's son Chris is learning to drive. Phil talks about how the Catholic school kids are selling magazines for their school. David G. Hall interrupts Phil asking Bud to play Porky Pig SFX when Phil stutters. Phil talks about role playing games and talks about the Godfather Movies. In the news Phil discusses the riots in Liverpool. Phil closes the show discussing the New C.D. and how he is giving up smoking on the 24th.


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