Bobbie Dooley was reporting from the House of Blues in West Hollywood where she and Steve attended the Obama $5,000 a plate dinner. Bobbie had Steve removed from the restaurant when he wouldn’t “shut up” and then spoke with caller Chris Norton who lapsed into some kind of Tourette’s episode.

Later Don Micksa, from the University of Washington, came on the show to propose taxing tuitions to pay back the money given by our government to Solyndra. RC Collins called in to say Don was a “greennik” supposedly someone who is commited to green issues and also performs a certain kind of oral sex where “you’re picking s*** out of your teeth.”

With Justin McCelroy, David G. Hall, Margaret Grey and Charlie LeFountaine.

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    I haven't heard the show yet, but…me too. A cup and girls…and stuff.

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    reminded me of two girls-one cup.

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    Oh, and Sweat Feathery Christ Phil, Hovering is pronounced HUVering. Not Hoovering. IT's like Margaret and her ChimPawnzee, I swear!

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    I use the full service checkouts so it keeps people employed. Sides, I don't have a radio show so I have to go out of my way to talk to people.

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    Self-check sucks because it involves work! Especially with produce. Force of habit encourages people to use a cashier, where everything is done for us, scanning tricky items, and putting it in a bag. It's a question of convenience. Laziness, if you will.

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    Dillion Ratigan!!!!!!

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    Funny thing about all the heavily armed security guys down here in Nicaragua but you can joke about robbing the bank with the bank guards, you can joke with airlport security in Managua … It would piss Jay Santos off to no end … And get you cuffed and stuffed anywhere in the US.

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    What's self-check out … I live down here in Nicaragua and there are guys with shotguns in front of the store to discourage any sort of "self check out!!!!"

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