“Best Of” on the radio!

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    crybaby crybaby

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    So, can we mail a photocopy of the payment we made for the subscription back when the piece first aired and we heard it the first time? lol

    I don't blame a man for being successful and reducing his hours, and I understand prices must go up, but how about cutting out the "opinion" monologue and just doing two character bits each night, maybe just 3 or 4 nights a week and tell us so?

    Still the best! (of)

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    Charging more while cutting value. Good way to alienate customers. Sigh.

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    I was thinking of keeping this subscription after I leave China and come back to the US, not if this keeps up. Having the largest archive doesn't mean squat if you have heard it.

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    Something tells me that some certain people are with a new subscription with a new mult screen-name. Welcome back I guess.

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    I feel like David G. Hall !


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    Urrrrrr!! Gender ConFusion!!!
    Daaaa!! C'mon , u try 2 make them believe!!! Fuck!!! Smuck!!

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    I hear That!
    Fuck Marget! And Fuck R.C. !!!

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    who wants to bet this ain't the last time this week? as phil said to fred the other night " i make a healthy living off my website". phil knows we are suckers looking forward to his better nights 'cuz when he's on there's nothing better. just sayin'.

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    Another "best of" and Phil has the ovaries to raise subscription prices to as much as hulu and netflix.

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    What a surprise.

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