Phil and the crew, including the newly nicknamed Bob Bakian (“Nine Pounds Of Swinging Meat”), welcome Halsey Morris, owner of the Crossroads Pumpkin Farm in Santa Sereta. Mr. Morris’ “Pumpkin Head Man” character shocks the panel including Morris proudly stating that one child screamed all the way home after an encounter. Also Jack Eigagder and Bret Moreson review Sunday’s Milwaukee Lions game at San Antonio. Margaret sings out her coming fall club engagements to the tune of “Every Breath You Take.”

Episode 477 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Frank

    Halsey’s launched himself into my Top 3 Phil Characters. Hope to get an update on this troubled man in the near future 🎃

  • john burton
    john burton

    Gota agree Halloween bits, all holiday bits really, rule. Especially Halloween , this Halsey Morris character is fuvking hilarious shit. And the way you freestyle is rad to listen to. More Halsey Morris for sure haha!

  • Chris

    I like Halsey. Your Halloween themed bits are some of my favs.

  • Andy Hatton
    Andy Hatton

    As Hallsy was describing Pumpkin Head Man I immediately pictured Arseface, so I thought it was especially funny when everyone started talking about that and Preacher!

  • Bonnie

    Margaret did a great job singing her appearances to the tune of Every Breath You Take. That’s not easy.

  • Avatar
    richard green

    Phil, you’ve ruined many a classic movie for me: now, whenever there’s a police car with its siren going I can’t help but think it’s Lloyd the mouth siren cop, and crack up laughing. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Dean Freakin Wheeler
    Dean Freakin Wheeler

    Phil, are there actual accurately kept stats for all the Milwaukee Lions players? Or do you make stats up as you go? Someone mentioned that you use Madden to create the games, so I wondered if the Madden game kept ongoing stats for all the teams. (Do you make up the scores for all the other non-Lions games?)

    A Dickman America Hillbilly fantasy league would a total trip, and I would be happy to help organize it. I think it would require making available weekly stats for all teams’ offensive players (even if you just made the stats up), and the rosters would have to be set, at least for offensive players.

    Perhaps it would be too much work on your end. Plus, I haven’t even heard of any interest from other BSPers. Personally, I think it would be hilarious and a total blast. Would build a sense of community among BSPers, too.

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