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Monday, September 29, 2014

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Phil is under the weather, so we’ve cut together a “Best Of” to tide you over until tomorrow.

Dave Oliva kicks off the podcast by talking with the crew about a stalker bothering Sandra Bullock and how LAPD has a priority list of celebrities they “roll pretty quick on whereas some other types of people don’t get quite the response time.”

Then Ted Bell came on and bet Phil $10,000 that there is a real Chief Wahoo and not just a cartoon character mascot for the Cleveland Indians…

Closing the show is Bobbie Dooley with her was her husband Steve. They brought on Professor Emory Clayton to get his “stamp of approval” on a hip-hop track Steve is contemplating having to do with erectile dysfunction. Also Bobbie’s nephew Justin MacElroy was on the program complaining about another slut his mother, Bobbie’s sister Jeannie, is hanging around with. Bobbie’s brother-in-law Raff, a dentist with a side business doing unnecessary extractions, also called in.

Episode 217 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.


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