Classic Hour

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Bobbie and Steve Dooley, enjoying an end of summer carnival complain to Phil that Chris Kemp’s cartoon of her gives her a “trucked mug.” While Joey Boy Dunphy sings in the background Ted Bell, at Ted’s of Beverly Hills, let’s it drop that Ivanka and Jared are stopping by the restaurant next weekend.

The BSP Classic Show is from January 2004 and features Vernon Dozier, who doesn’t want to help with his premature baby in the ICU because the Super Bowl is coming up.

Episode 1237 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    LOL the “high rear end”

  • Avatar

    Why call Black people monkeys? Monkeys have light skin, straight hair, thin lips and flat butts.

  • Avatar

    Sounds like the audio from the YT output needs to be phase corrected. BTW, it would be so cool to watch these Best of Fails videos annually on a Friday night chat or 1st pre-show of the year.

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