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The BSP Only Show!

Our BSPs ranged from Japan to Philadelphia last night as we discussed, among other things, Chris Norton, the “sessy” guy with the speech impediment!

Then for the BSP Classic Hour it’s Larry Grover, who states that he doesn’t have to kiss a woman to prove he loves her.

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    Not that anyone knows better than you, and I certainly don’t want the beeping as a rule, but it can also have a funny effect so it might be cool to hear characters occasionally get beeped. Maybe a character (like Jay Santos) who you think would suit it could “request” to be censored to protect their image?

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Well not warranted, but sort of reminds me of David G. Hall talking over callers who wanted to yell at him. Or Phil trying to read the poem and David G. Hall’s construction workers hammering over Phil.

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