Another Saturday Cinema with Phil!

Mamie Van Doren, and not all that much of her. Plus Laguna Beach standing in as the planet Venus.

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    i wonder what make and model that “space car” was. it almost looks like ford concept car from the 50s.

  • Charles Henry
    Charles Henry

    Yes indeed, that was a real stinker. The special effects are amazing….ly bad. However the narrator was hilarious. Phil somebody, I’ll remember later.

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    Man… not as bad as COSMOS, but bloody close!!

    On the upside, if astronauts ever return to Venus and bring along another robot, the Venusians might be more favorable
    to them, thinking they’re representatives of their new god.

  • justin franklin
    justin franklin

    That robot is dumber than “INTELLIGENCE” from team america.

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    Wonder if Elon Musk has seen this yet?

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    Susan Chinn

    These are great, Phil! Non-stop laffs!

  • gangle

    That movie was so awful, it was only Phil’s comments that kept me
    from ripping off my clothes and run screaming onto the 101 Freeway
    to face certain death……aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • ron

    P.H. really look forward every week to your unique clarification to help us get the maximum amount of enjoyment from the movie.

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    lol, a REAL oddball movie. Love it!
    Apparently this started out as a Russian made movie called “Planeta Bur”. Curtis Harrington took that movie and added some scenes and re-edited it and called it “Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet”. Then some other guys took that movie and re-edited again, and had Bogdanovich shoot some chicks and added them to that version, now calling it “Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women”. It’s the reason the women never interact with the astronauts. Also, this latest version doesn’t credit any Russian actors or filmmakers. I doubt this could be done today.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Thank you for that. I didn’t think Bagdonavich could be that bad

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