Classic Hour

It’s the Saturday BSP Only Show!

We’ve got the audio from the live “Phil Hendrie & Friends” show at the Hollywood Improv last night!

And then the BSP Classic Hour comes to us from April 2, 2001. Bobbie Dooley discusses her church’s unusual practices. They do animal sacrifices and symbolic virgin offerings… And she believes that Mary is God.

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  • TwiceRemoved77

    My favorite, besides Phil, was Steve Simone because the stuff he laid out were totally true.

    The group of people ordering Chinese food. Everything he said, has been said by people ordering from a menu. Some great comedy comes from what should be ordinary situations disected for us to make us laugh at how really weird we can be.

    Plus I laughed a lot at the “hip hop star” crying every moment he’s not on mic. I remember Phil saying this a few times. Kanye weeping into Kim’s butt.

  • Avatar

    Love u man. I’m 49…. always felt I’d just missed the party. You were smack dab in the middle of it! Keep on, keepin’ on man….peace. Maury in Tampa

  • Christian

    Thank you!

    For those of us that have absolutely ZERO chance of making the live shows, thank you for posting them up. Any chance of you offering a video?

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