The KFI Show!

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  • paddyandpeanut

    OMFG the "art piece" made John and I laugh so hard. We watched it over and over again. IN FACT, I"m going to watch it AGAIN <3

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    Awesome, man. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up and you just might make a few friends around here. 😉

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    Over the last couple of weeks or so, when off the air, I've noticed Phil has been censoring himself (by turning down the volume on his mic.) during his tirades about his bosses and/or lack of support by his crew. Is Phil going soft on us? Say it isn't so Phil. Pump up the volume. Give it to us Phil no holds barred. As a BSP member, I LOVE those moments, then again, I'm a masochistic a..hole.

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    Luisito, phans have begun trading his Chimpout moments and making mock commercials about it…

    It's suspected that he's going silent because "the reality show wrapped around the radio show" has become the main attraction… Chimpcast forever…

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    Your rant on Miracle Whip had me in stitches

    By the way I love egg salad and have accidentaly used Miracle Whip to make it. It tasted like liposuctioned fat.

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