It was a madhouse on the show tonight with Bobbie and Steve Dooley claiming they need foodstamps with the US credit rating tanking and the probability of a double-dip recession. But that wasn’t what really bothered Bobbie. It was Steve trying to get control of the phone from her.

Margaret Grey was put out by news that colonics are bad for ones health, not good, as Margaret and her friends Lee Majors and William Shatner believe. Frank, for his part, doesn’t want any of these colonic people “within 500 feet of me. I don’t want them anywhere near me even though I love my wife Margaret. He’s great.”

Dr. Jim Sadler and Chris Norton came on the show….Sadler “soaking in a tub” and Norton at the dance club “One Foot” in Redondo Beach…to give their individual takes on feral donkeys being transported from Hawaii and sterilized. Chris is against it because if word gets out donkeys are being sterilized then every adult star that ever used the word “donkey” in their name….guys like ‘The Donkey Express” and “Donk Don”… will be discredited and laughed at.

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    Hey Moose, I'm not kidding…. You may not be familiar with the genius that is the Phil Hendrie show… The current show is a satire of the old show.

    Try listening to some of the 99 to 2006 shows, then turn off the rest of the hottalk you listen to and get a grip.

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    I hope that fucker sittle is kidding. This was the funniest show I've heard in a while.

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    Hey sittle, telling Phil how to do his show is a GREAT way of getting on his good side. Phil just LOVES it when jackasses like you tell him how to run his show. Why don't you post a link here to your radio show so we can hear how much better you are than Phil because obviously you're a huge expert in radio.

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    It's nice to have the shorter bits based on news with the characters, a little more show prep would go a long way…. A lot of the material was pretty scattered, real hits and or misses.

    Generally speaking, much like the rest of the weak, both opening hours were phull of phlller, This show came across as sloppy and poorly planned phor even by post newstalk standards. That being said, Phil sounded like he couldn't give a rats ass about anything and as a result a number of jokes came across as juvenille and classic character traits went by the wayside but the positive side there was some good jokes made.

    It was nice to hear Bobbie call a caller a Fag, that word hasn't been uttered on air for at least a year and imo, Marg and Franks bit was the highlight of the night. Frank did most of the talking (about Dean) and the refreshing part was Frank revealing a link between 2 characters off air in a very humourous way.

    All of this material would've been better with a little planning.

    Bring out the blowsometer … *sniff sniff* …. SBD …. Hot Tuna Sandwich with Blue Cheese dressing…

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    You forgot Larry Grover and his mom fighting about the control over a mooing cow that dispenses cream. Plus she calls him Missle once again and then stabs him with a pen knife!

    Crazy show but hilarious!

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    Loved it.

  • painter66

    Amen, Chuck Collins!

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    Ain't dat da truff?

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    That first hour was the funniest on radio since Jack Benny 1939! I literally had to pull the car over and compose myself.


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    This show was funny as hell

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    Great show! Laughed the whole time.

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