Saturday Cinema – April 29, 2017: “Zontar: The Thing From Venus”

Only the very best for our BSPs. Our movie, “Zontar: The Thing From Venus,” features commentary from a drunk Father James McQuarters and Coach Vernon Dozier.

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  • David

    A steaming pile of gobbleygook, good god

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    its pile… dropped from a dinosaurs rectum……HhHhHhhahahahahaahahaha

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    Craig Johnson

    I can say this because I’m a priest. That female right there? Piece of ass. —Fr. McQuarters

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    Damn… The commentary was the only redeeming quality of that movie.

    The guy who was in cahoots with Zontar looked like a cross between Carl Sagan and H.P. Lovecraft.

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    So many commentators, so little time.

  • Chris Kemp
    Chris Kemp

    I liked the commentary from the one and only Father General Dozier.

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    Great movie as always. I just wonder how they got that turd wound around a reel so they could show it?

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    Don MacDonald

    Great combo, I love Father McQuarters!

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    My husband’s in an iron lung. What do I do?

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