Saturday Cinema: December 9, 2017 – “Carnival of Souls”

General Shaw and guest commentator Rudy Canosa examine and critique and then fall asleep during this 1962 ‘Classic.’

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  • John Burkett
    John Burkett

    The repair shop was in Kansas. Duckwall store across the street was a Kansas dept store chain which later changed their name to Alco. All closed by now…at least most of them. Kinda like a mini Wal-Marx.

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    Gary Harper

    I haven’t even watched the BSP version yet…but I know I am recording it for the personal library..

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    The best part of this movie was the 60 Chevy. I had one and wish I had kept it.

  • David

    Now she ate a sandwich but she’s dead. Or maybe she didn’t eat the sandwich and no one noticed. Dammit i have to watch it again.

  • Ed Noponen
    Ed Noponen

    Rudy: “I’ll tell you who doesn’t know he’s dead . . . the director of this movie.”

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    It is weird that this movie, at least in some circles, is considered a “classic”. And yet, when I watched it for the first time it was really tough to get through. However, with General Shaw and Rudy Canosa it is entirely entertaining. One of the best combos of hosts for Saturday Cinema! I’m lovin’ the Saturday Cinema part of being a BSP.

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      Gary Harper

      Funny MP..but I’ve seen this film at least 20 times, and I believe the edit doesn’t lend itself to ANY screen. It comes across as being very choppy and no real continuity. I’ve seen it twice on the big screen.. One time from a redux using the negative from the master wind. Some may say it’s an acquired taste, but the film’s real problem is with the edit. My sincere apologies if someone knew the scisorman.. but it’s true.

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    Don MacDonald

    My man Rudy.

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