Classic Hour

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Phil’s in a bad mood because Brea, right in the middle of his monologue, takes a shit under the desk. Reg in Petaluma’s name is drawn (California!) for those two, ever present passes to A Day At The Races!

The BSP Classic Show is from December 1999. Phil reads the news story that George Harrison was attacked. Don Parsley calls the program, he believes that Paul McCartney is dead because of the clues hidden in Beatles songs. Jay santos “Angel on my shoulder” New Years program for kids. Art Bell visits to tell eveyone Y2K is happening in a few hours…and then finds out its not that night but the night after.

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    This was a show? A foul-mouthes rant about technical problems?

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      Yes and it was funny as hell!

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