Phil comments on the film “Deranged” (Idaho Transfer), a movie directed by Peter Fonda and featuring a machine that moves people molecularly from one place to the next. Women can only wear panties while transferring.

The BSP-Only Show!

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  • Andrew

    ‘As informative as Helen Keller on the Hindenburg.”

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    Frank Morano

    I like your house Phil, I didn’t know you were red. You’re a good movie critic, I wish you would do more of this, maybe with Steve and Bobbie. The woman who said, the bottomless scene wasn’t necessary doesn’t understand men.
    Dr. Tom, also known as Frank Thomas Morano

  • matthew hurst
    matthew hurst

    Wasn’t The Idaho Transfer a jazz group that Margaret Gray used to scat for?

  • Tom Tatham
    Tom Tatham

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard!

    I’d have to say that some of my favorite PHIL moments are getting to watch you watch some movie or show. Your reactions and comments are priceless!

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    I love the commentary,listening to this is more entertaining then the movie probably. would love to here more of this kind of stuff!

  • Chris

    Never heard of this film. Hired Hand by Peter Fonda is supposed to be a good one though I’ve only heard the soundtrack which is fantastic. I’m ashamed to ask if any commentators see business opportunities or congestion issues with the Special Olympics this week in LB.

  • Bonnie

    There’s an apparent lion loose in Wisconsin and they are calling it the Milwaukee Lion. He even has his own twitter page.

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    Joan McArthur

    You should skip to the surprise ending! Spoiler alert: the troubled girl Karen goes back to base camp, then back in time, grabs food and adjusts the machine and back farther into the future. Ends up alone in a cold Idaho and is on the side of the road when she is “rescued” by a futuristic family…..okay, I will spoil it. She is placed into the rear of the vehicle in what one thinks is the trunk. Instead it is the futuristic equivalent of the gas tank: she becomes the fuel for the car!

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Bullshit! I’ll watch anyway, that sounds so good…

  • Chris Kemp
    Chris Kemp

    The pants removal is just a TSA screening precaution.

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      Brandon Durham

      So the TSA becomes less invasive in the future, interesting.

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