The Saturday BSP Only show!

Phil and the BSPs kick around ideas for a movie night, and Phil ponders a radical change to HendrieCon…

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    lars eliason

    I work night shift so I never get to participate in the good ol bsp chat, which blows bags (yes full bags) of dicks. Glad I can still catch up after the fact I guess. Don’t leave me out for hendriecon! I’m more partial to “PhilPhestPhor Phanz”

  • SCOTT Forer
    SCOTT Forer

    Saucy JacK ?

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    Pete Cirigliano

    Hey Phil, hope things are well. Just wanted to say that Chef Carl Chodillia is becoming my favorite character of late. Really funny shit. I happened to catch the Glen Campbell doc about his dealings with Alzheimer’s again, last night. Really sad, but………….got me thinking we haven’t heard one of my recent favs, Gene Gebell in a while. I almost shit myself laughing with the “boils his socks for soup” stuff. Would love to hear Gene and his stories of him getting the living fuck beaten out of him. Keep up the great work as usual! Life would be a lot more boring without you.

  • James Gray
    James Gray

    Good job on the downloads each day Phil. Listening for 6 or 7 years now 🙂

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