The Saturday BSP Only Show!

Is vaping as bad as smoking? Where did RC Collins come from? These questions and more are answered as part of last night’s BSP chat.

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  • TwiceRemoved77

    Someone mentioned Robert Leonard.

    Auntie Mavis has mentioned it at least twice (maybe when Robert was featured more in the background of a Mavis phonecall), the fact that Robert does nothing else but lay on the couch with a box of Bugles. So whenever I see Bugles in the store I laugh out loud about this. And then buy a box and lay on the couch with my hand crammed in the box. HHEEEEEHHHEEE HHUHHHHHEEEE


  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters

    I enjoyed hearing the Art talk. I remember one of the final nights of the TRN show when Phil had “guest host” and he had Art Phill in, celebrity voice impersonated. It was a laugh riot. It was around the time of a big sink hole and Art’s guest was flying through the hole and he stopped at a diner for a slice of pie or something like that. Comedy Gold.

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