Phil started the show with a rant about the Cincy cops, riots, etc. Either they have the worst blacks anywhere or they have a cop problem. Violence IS an alternative.

Art Griego joined the show in the second hour to say that the debriefing isn’t gonna be pleasant for those crew members. They’ll probably end up in the brig. Should’ve nose-dived that plane into the Chinese control tower.

Phil closed the second hour with a rant about going to the desert for Easter. Steve Bosell then called in to tell Phil that there is no Easter Bunny.

Bob Greene started the third hour to discuss his “squeeze of lime” promotion. He’ll spike female’s drinks for the men to make the date go better.

Bud Dickman wrapped up the show with his weekly Top 10.

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    Richarx Sullivan

    Hard to order your membership Phil. Don’t you want to make a lot of money?

    Can’t find a Chris Norton cov3 run with Dave Cavenan, where is it?

  • Carlos

    A flaming ball of fire, wonderful.

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