The show started with David G. Hall, who was on to tell Phil to pander to conservatives by saying that it’s good Bush apologized to keep Jesse Jackson from stealing attention. Phil walks out and leaves David to play harmonica.

Jay Santos joined us in the second hour. He said that you can’t blame the Cincinnati cop for shooting the unarmed black kid. You see, Cincy cops come from Northern Kentucky and are hillbillies, who are too stupid to know the difference.

RC Collins kicked off the third hour to say that “respect policies” suck. RC thinks that he’s lived more than his teachers. He’s had cancer, his parents divorced, kidney failure, etc. What are they gonna be able to teach him after all that? They should call him “sir”.

Phil wrapped up the show with a rant about FCC indecency rules getting more strict. They now have huge microphones and reel to reel tapes that can hear every conversation, public or provate, taking place.

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  • John

    Your all wrong. Just face it. Only Rudy knows the right way to go, “La La La.”

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    That Jay Santos bit is an absolute classic. “Jay” can always get people riled up and he certainly succeeded in doing that here.
    I love how he loudly blurts out radio calls when people are talking.
    Way to go, Phil. It would be great to see you do your show while taking calls again. Just like when a stand up comic feeds off the crowd… Nothing is funnier than when Phil improvises with irate callers.

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      Completely disagree – many of us feel Phil is at his best when he’s with himself. Callers were great, but were predictable and it all just served the same purpose. Was it funny to poke at stupid people? Sure! It was hilarious to hear, but it’s the same thing over and over and over again. I’ve listened to Phil’s full archive many times since high school (and more, since I have hundreds of shows from 1994-1998), and though the caller years were great, the calls were basically the same thing. Phil is best when he controls the whole show, which is something he still talks about to this day.

      Your opinion is valid, of course, but it’s not right 🙂

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        Charles N. Crofts

        I agree. Even during the caller years, what had me in tears the most were the solo shows like the radiothons and office parties, all done without the need for callers 😆

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        Hey man do you still have those old pre ’99 shows somewhere? I’d love to have those !

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