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Thursday, April 19, 2001

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Chris Norton kicked off the show with his "Blast of Love" bit. He wants to screw 168 women to commemorate the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Phil closed the first hour with a rant about kids imitating porno music, and Kevin Malone being fired by the Dodgers.

Colleen Kristen Brewster joined the show in the second hour to give her "spotlight on China". She's selling seminars that teach about China. But she showly reveals that she knows nothing about China.

Phil then explains the show using characters: Harvey, Lloyd, Margaret, and Ted. He tells about the National Zoo calling police about Lloyd's panda bit.

Larry Grover wrapped up the show to discuss his recent breakup with his fiance. He had to do it because his mommy didn't like her. He wants the ring back, but will trade it if she sleeps with him one more time.


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