Hour 1:

Phil talks about Combover Boy, stupid radio callers, radio programmers, and how marijuana will save the environment. Phil talks about doing voiceover work on “Futurama” and explains how to prevent house fires.

Hour 2:

“Aborted Babies for Christopher Reeves” Margaret Gray joins the program, she is raising money to get abortions for poor women. Margaret explains that the fetal tissue of aborted babies is vital in getting Hollywood actor Christopher Reeves walking again.

Hour 3:

“Damnit, I Thought You Were Burke” Parapsychologist Robert Green joins the program to share a spiritualists theory on the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Dr.Green believes that Patsy Ramsey strangeled Jon Benet in a drunken stupor thinking she was Burke Ramsey her

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    Interesting that South Park eventually did an episode about Christopher Reeve sucking the stem cells out of fetal babies. Both Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park have talked openly of their love of Phil Hendrie too. I’m chalking that episode up to a friendly homage to Phil!

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