On the show tonight Dr. Michael Stone joined us for Crime Night.  We discussed the sad case of Phoebe Prince, the girl that hanged herself after being mercilessly taunted by kids at school. Dr. Stone opined that jealousy may have been a part of the motive. When Phil asked him why the doctor responded, “Because one of the girls that harrassed Phoebe was butt-end ugly.” Later in the show Vernon Dozier, a high school teacher at Belmar Academy, announced the return of Home Economics to his schools curriculum. The reason, said Vernon, was that home sales are way down and it may be because the homes that are up for sale are filthy. Women need to keep their homes cleaner. No one wants to buy a house that smells “like a dead body.” To drive home the point  about how depressed the real estate business was, Vernon mentioned his brother-in-law, who is a real estate salesman. Vernon told Phil that his brother-in-law, while talking about business, brought up the Donner party and the relative merits of cannibalism.

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    To Robert… Read David’s post again… "teeter tottered on BECOMING"… And David, I’d tend to agree with you… Kinda out there…

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    Quit breathing into the Mic while Dr. Stone is talknig….. WOW

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    I love it when Dr. Michael Stone is on the show!
    I missed thursday so im downloading right now and will listen on my ipod when i go to sleep tonight.

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    to david, dr stone was a real person not a character.

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    I like Dr Stone and his television show but he teeter tottered on becoming a Phil character when he started speaking about "marijuana addicts" becoming dependent and violent once they "get hooked" on the drug. Mighty preposterous claims, and as a result – quite humorous.

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