Started out with Bobbie and Steve Dooley explaining why they were leading a boycott against Arizona Iced Tea because of the Arizona immigration law. They did eventually find out that Arizona Iced Tea is made in New York but by then someone had called Bobbie a “slut” on her blog (she was wearing a two piece that showed ass-crack) and so Bobbie decided she would continue the boycott regardless of whether it had anything to do with Arizona, the immigration law or anything else. “You don’t get between an dog and it’s meat.” The next hour Professor Emory Clayton of LA Canyon College explained that white people adopting black babies are responding to “DNA” and the need to keep a slave around. A child must do what they are told and they don’t get paid so in Clayton’s mind an adopted black child is ready made.  The professor had Bud play the song “Gone With The Wind.” In the mind of a white person “gone with the wind” means you look up and your slaves are “gone with the wind, all asses and elbows.” New York TV and radio personality Lionel guested in the last hour.

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    I love Lionel, he had a brief show on Court TV years ago called Snap Judgement. I remember one show his guest was Ron Jeremy. It was hilarious. He was on here in Tampa on AM untill a year or two ago. He is good, but he is no Phil!

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    I thought that Phil was joking about Arizona Iced Tea getting boycotted but I just saw that on the new this morning. They are a NY company and loosing customers because of Sherrif Joe et. all lol.

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    \///(())(()) II=II (())(()) LIONEL! I was there listening to 970 in TBAY when he made his bones in talk radio! The caller from Gulfport! He made a jingle/song called "gone fishin’" which I still can’t find anywhere. Can’t wait to hear him again tonight!

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    I drink way too much Arizona Iced Tea.

    Missed the show last night because i was mixing music but i did have the video up and was watching without the audio.

    Will download the show now and listen from my ipod while i drive to Oakland.

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