Classic Hour

Show Log For Thursday, August 25, 2016

It’s one year ago and Steve Bosell hosts and brings on Larry Grover to discuss the Jay D. Blasingame sex site, a site run by the brother of Steve’s attorney, Dolores Blasingame. Then, Vernon Dozier gets so angry during his interview he comes to the studio and beats Steve’s ass and takes over as host. Mavis Leonard discusses Stephen Colbert’s chances of success as the new Late Night host.

For the BSP Classic Hour, we present a classic show from September 23, 2003!

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Episode 715 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.


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    Craig Johnson

    The first hour of the 9/23/03 classic show is howlingly funny. Margaret “is very animal,” dirty dancing with another woman’s husband. I remember the tears running down my cheeks when it aired 13 years ago, and it is just as funny today.

  • Richard Schneider
    Richard Schneider

    “No one pigs Vernon Dozier, no one!” Love it! Thanks Phil.

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    Phil hendrie action figures !

  • Joe Ries
    Joe Ries

    This is my all time fav new style show that Phil has done. It’s great from beginning to end. When Mavis is going off on Margret, wow, just wow!

  • Avatar

    Listening to Larry Grover talk about having an affair with Delores Blasingame (all 300 pounds of her), I had a funny thought: what if those two 300-pounders that Dean Wheeler walked in on doing it in the hot tub at his resort were Larry and Delores?

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