Robert Green of Frazier Foods and The Single Fathers Legal Fund is on to discuss the story of a child found playing with a used condom in a hotel room. It just so happens that years ago, as a newly single man, Mr. Green was living in a tiny apartment without any cleaning service because his ex-wife was “soaking” him for all his extra money. When his kids came to visit one weekend, his 8 year old daughter found a condom Bob had thought he’d tossed in the trash the night before, and was trying to put it on as a swimming cap. Bob blamed his wife for taking his extra money thus leaving his place without a maids service and condom wrappers lying everywhere. Plus, he had a basketball backboard set up over the garbage can and thought he’d made a bank shot.

The following hour it’s Vernon Dozier who assures Phil that Americans are so incensed with the Ground Zero mosque and the arrogance of the people putting it there that we are ready to toss the first amendment and live without freedom of religion. Better that than all the strife and mayhem. “There’s one thing thing those beatniks in Moscow got right. That “no religion” thing. If some beatnik bums can do it, we can do it!” says Vernon.

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