It was Dave Oliva in our first hour tonight. Dave is an aspiring Los Angeles police officer taking Criminal Justice classes at LA Canyon College. He was on to comment on a family bringing suit against Sea World in Orlando because they claim their 10 year old son was taumatized witnessing the death of a trainer there in February. The woman died while performer in a show with a killer whale. Dave said that until animals are put under more stringent controls by humans kids are going to see these things and wind up “messed up like Edwin Kemper.” He says humans “gotta do what we gotta do” to limit the violence done by wild animals to human beings.

Later Bobbie and Steve Dooley joined the show. Bobbie told Phil that her sons friend-requested her on Facebook and, in fact, she is very popular with a lot of younger people because she’s “cool” and doesn’t lie to them like their parents, who’ll say that texting bills are too expensive when Bobbie knows there are unlimited texting plans you can get. Bobbie tells Phil she has “over 4,000 friends and that’s not normal for someone that isn’t a movie star.”

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    Love Dave Oliva, but he's changed. I think he sold his El Camino and bought a Camry.

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    OMFG, Steve going "uh huh" in the background – LOL!

    LOVED Grey Gardens. HATED when they made it into a movie :p

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    Facts is facts, branch … it's ok that you're not hardcore. Phil off the air was a void (don't you listen?) Fringe bee-otch.

    Phil, pop this kid with a wad of goo on his taffeta blue dress. Odds are he'll do more than thank you for it.

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    Rus just took one off the chin

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    Phil! Been lovin' you for decades!

    OK, that's outta the way, thank God. Now, I gotta ask – what is the technique you use for pronouncing all of the "w"s in the www address? You are without a doubt — the best at it of all time … !!

    I've admired it for years, and have never heard you (or Bud) say anything about it. I'd love to know!

    You're an American treasure, Phil – thank you for your service to the American public … take all the vacation time you need – just do NOT ever leave again! I spread the Hendrie gospel wherever I go!. Peace out.

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