Don Micksa, professor of engineering at the University of Washington and the chairman of the Progessive Student Faculty Alliance at the school, knew he was going to have to deal with his conservative students on the stock market dropping 500 points and their blaming Obama for it. So in order to “even the playing field” he smashed the lecture hall thermostat causing the air conditioning to go out and the students to have to sit and sweat and not focus on their arguments. Professor Micksa said he “debated them real good.”

Mr Don Parsley came on our show tonight to relate to Phil the story of his wife, son, daughter, niece and nephew getting badly hurt in a cattle stampede at the “Eubem County County Fair” (not to be confused with the old county fair known as the Eubem County Fair) According to Mr. Parsley his aforementioned family memers were “hooved, gored and horned” by a “cavalcade of steer,” some even breaking away from the others to single out Parsley’s son for particularly harsh abuse. This nut even asked for donations so he could pay the hospital bills, declining Phil’s $1,000 offer as “not even enough to pay for tap water.”

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    Apparently Father McQuarters is down with Ice-T.

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    Allen, you're gonna have to apologize for Phil for calling him that disparaging name.

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    Thanx faggot.

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    Don's setup isn't bad, it's a great premise, the lure isn't bad…. I don't know how believable it is… How many Universities would be full with teachers and students, having pop quizzes in a lecture hall, and debating this topic in the middle of summer?

    Philler city after the first 20 minute…it's phunny, but obviously philler.

    One phantastically shitty phone call…. Mixa's bit was a 10 minute bit stretched out over 45 minutes. It felt like listening to 3 different bits strung together with a common theme, the theme didn't have much impact upon the different bits. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the PHS…. it ended early for a reason.

    Don's bit sucks, it improves as 2 callers finally get on the air at the end of the hour. The story wasn't particularily well constructed, he introduced a niece and a nephew and that's pretty much it, no phumbled description of the events, no jumbling of names and or places or the injuries, a couple of redactions. The highlight was the audio of the incident, and it was funny… Another night another parody of the PHS.

    Father McQuarters 3rd hour appearance was great… OP "Original Perverts"… Hillarious.

    Fire up the blowsometer *sniff sniff*… Hint'o'egg (sbd).

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