Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hour 1:

Phil welcomes Pastor William Rennick as a guest in the first hour. Pastor Rennick has a sermon he is preaching for the Christmas season called “Crisis in Faith.” In his oration, he argues that while everyone celebrated the birth of Jesus, it was a slap to the face of Joseph as his wife was pregnant with the child of another man. It did not matter that God was the father to Jesus; Joseph’s reaction should have been to put buckshot in the man who impregnated his wife. Later, Logan joins the show for “My Grandpa Says.”

Hour 2:

RC Collins, a junior cadet at Bradley Military Academy, joins the show in the second hour. RC discusses how he strives to enter the 101st Airborne after he graduates, and go on to fight the war in Iraq. That said, he argues that people that he is fighting for are not worthy of his sacrifice for the country (spoken as if he is currently fighting.) Women have loose morals, they dress scantily clad, and they are over aggressive (all traits he does not like), stemming from them being molested at the church. Jeff Dowder comes on for Hypothetical America. Today’s topic is “What would it be like if people could fly,” and in Jeff’s scenario, the ramifications of human flight would lead to mass suicides.

Hour 3:

Bud reflects on Jeff’s segment from the last hour. Phil talks about video games and his new car, the 2005 convertible Jackass, and then touches on his marriage. In response, Bud plays sentimental music. Public Television presents “Fooling around with Dad’s gun,” with Brian Warshan. David G. Hall has Phil hooked up to the show monitor for being dull.

Show log by Kyle Davis.

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    I would love a segment of Logan with Little Judy Horrocks!

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    32:00 LOGAN “My Grandpa Says…”
    39:00 RC COLLINS
    70:00 LARRY GROVER w/PASTOR RENNICK – “War Widow” Flashback
    79:00 JEFF DOWDER’S Hypothetical America “What if people could fly?”
    97:00 FOOLIN’ AROUND WITH DAD’S GUNS w/ Brian Worsham
    105:00 “Migration of Man” – Crew drinks milkshakes while watching show
    107:00 DAVID HALL hooks Phil up to show monitor

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    End of hour 1: oh man, I forgot how funny it is when Phil’s guests say “JEEZ”.

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