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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hour 1:

Tonight Phil has a very special guest in studio – Santa Claus! Phil and Santa take phone calls from listeners, and the first caller is little Judy Horowitz; she is a 5 year old girl, but due to a birth defect, she sounds like a 52 year old man. Santa suspects it is all a set up, and kicks Phil’s ass. Phil talks about his experience at Restoration Hardware. David G. Hall comes on with an editorial comment on teenage binge drinking. Phil plays a flashback request of RC Collins and “Big Tin Wiener.” Hal and Viola check in on their way to Laughlin, asking Phil his thoughts about their nephew who raped a woman at knifepoint. Rudy Canoza calls in to sing “White Christmas.” Bob Bakian reports on the discovery of water on Mars.

Hour 2:

Bobbie and Steve Dooley from the Western Estates Homeowners Association have joined the show to discuss their holiday mixer. They are encouraging Phil to come to the party so that he can meet a beautiful, young, 35 year old woman who is twice divorced. Bobbie insists that Phil needs stay active since he is having marital issues, and should get to know this young woman. We are treated to a segment of “Sew me up so tight I’m talking through a hole in my face” with Sheila Scully and Dr. Jack Briscoe. Dr. Jack gives Sheila boob implants so large she has to carry them with a wheelbarrow. Raj Faheen comes on to sing an extended version of “Saw an American.”

Hour 3:

Phil talks about the company Christmas party coming up that weekend. Darren Brown from C93 in Pierre, South Dakota checks in to tell Phil it takes a lot of talent to do his show, but many of the listeners and advertisers do not get it. Lonely Hearts Radio with Delilah gets a segment.

Show log by Kyle Davis.


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