Tonight David G. Hall guested and railed against a man who won a million dollars in a McDonald’s contest. “I have way more dignity than that. If anyone offered me a million dollars I’d hock on the check, fold it in half and stick in the guys shirt pocket. I’m not here to give McDonalds their jollies, winning a contest and having my picture taken with a guy in an orange wig.”

Jay Santos joined us second hour. Jay feels that people uinloading Christmas presents from their cars and taking them to their homes pose a risk. What’s in the packages? Are they really presents….or do they contain the makings for an at-home bomb factory. Jay and his CAP sub-commanders try a variety of things to get people to drop their packages. Tossing a rubber black widow spider onto the package is one way. They also use those fake rubber vomit puddles to try and gross people out.

In our third and final hour we replay “A Phil Hendrie Christmas Carol” from 2009 starring Bud Dickman as Ebeneezer Dickman.

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    Great show. I enjoy Jay Santos.

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    Phil, I want you to know your Jay Santos performances are top notch! The voice and inflections are pure perfection.

    I know your hitting grand slams when I can't tell how old a bit is by the sound of the character. Great job sir!

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