In our first hour we had on the inimitable Jeff Dowder who talked about how he and other educators and business travelers” were going to campaign to eliminate all forms of security at airports because they “deprive us of our Constitution.” The time has come, Mr. Dowder said, to open ourselves up to terrorist attack for the potential evidence it might yeild and not to continue to violate our personal freedoms. After all, said Jeff, it’s about “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death,” something he said he came up with.

Herb Sewell was our guest in the following hour. The “pass-out” or “hangman” game being played by young, adolescent boys in which the individual, using a variety of methods, tries to constrict blood flow to the brain briefly thus producing a “high” or altered state of consciousness. Herb was incarcerated at a hospital for the criminally insane following his conviction for child molestation so this sick ass proceeded to explain to Phil and his listeners that adults might as well tell kids how to do it “properly” because they’ll do it anyway. In fact Herb learned how to do it himself and believes that it can transport him to the “Cavity of Creation.”

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    Funny how my review of the Dowder bits gets deleted.

    Phil struggles with the voice and in inflections for a good 20 minutes. He gets in shape at about minute 23 but again, the modern day Jeff is just a shell of what he was. No surfer accent anymore, no Toby Beau references, no drug talk, only a fraction of incoherence, all things that made Jeff great. Work on this please Phil. We still love you man.

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    sittle, thank you for your review, you are usually rite-on with your analysis.

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    …oh man, here we go again with the reviews…go do your own f#cking show – asshat

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    Yeah every show you can expect this fucking idiot "sittle" to write a "review", like somehow he figures his reviews are valid and we all should give a fuck. Some douchebag coming out of nowhere writing reviews in the comment section.

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    you plan on writing reviews in all the comment sections?

    sweet mocha jesus you suck

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    Jeff Dowder sounds weird… He's got the whiny cadence of Dean.

    Imo, this Dowder bit is dull, Dowder starts off the night sounding and acting like Dean Wheeler. This material is weak, and the conversation between Dowder and Phil is inane. The phones go down at the 23 minute mark. The main problem isn't that Dowder believes his civil liberties are being violated by the TSA and he wants to get rid of the scans, shoe checks, pat downs.. etc.. but the bit sucks as there is no meat to this segment.. Phil and Jeff fail to provide any details as to how he and his group intend get rid of the security standards.. This is the sort of material that makes bits like this phunny. Jeffs assertion that he penned the phrase "Give me liberty and give me death" was overused… it was barely funny the first time.

    The funniest part of the bit was Jeff's assertion that "bag searches" was a euphonism for testicle phondling.. unfortunately it came at the 5 minutes left to play mark… The damage was done on this audio disaster, 2 weak callers, 0 laughs and 44 minutes of phil phumbling about… It's borderline ear rape.

    The setup on the Herb bit starts off pretty strong, it kinda gets some philler tossed at it between the 10 and 15 minute mark, but he makes some great claims and lays some interesting traps, besides the whole pedophile thing… The second act "cavity of creation" and "the towel", isn't well thought out, imo, it doesn't come across like something Herb would say or do… It wasn't a bad segment, but it ended early, probably due to a lack of callers and material.

    There were a few brighter moments in the show:

    • At 7 minutes left in Jeffs disaster of a segment, Phil ran the Teds Donut and did an ad for Ted… Neat. I liked that.

    • Margs cameo on pagan-atheism… This little segment isn't really phunny (imo) but it is at least the attempt of trying something new and different. Frank acted as Margs' Steve Dooly, unfortunate… it's almost always better when Frank gets on the phone. It's refreshing to hear some of the Guests call in and do a ten minute conversation on something off topic.

    * Gary Dupree that's me call in… it's so nice to hear Phil bringing Gary back in for the little call ins… This guy was the only redemeable element from the Newstalk era (aka the best-be-forgotten years). It would be nice to hear him with his trademark swinging music again…

    If we could only get Lloyd to discuss some senior issues once and a while or Harvey back on with lawtalk… We'd have a better way to kill the third hour instead of hearing about TV ratings…

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