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Thursday, December 6, 2018

It’s a Classic Archive Thursday as Phil introduces December 6, 2001…. and Jeff Dowdder talking about American Taliban John Walker as the “victim” of a wealthy upbringing.

The BSP Classic Show is a treat. From September 2002, it’s Phil live at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, all three hours!

Episode 1305 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Dave.rossak

    Fuck all of you, the sheer amount of hours of laughter, thinking and pure art that this dude has given us over the years is worth well more than he’s charging. Whatever this dude wants to continue to create and charge for, I’ll listen to and pay for gladly. My dad got me into this show when I was in high school during the WIOD days, and to this day, we still listen and bond over the show. For me, that’s fucking priceless.

    • Ed Noponen
      Ed Noponen

      Very well said, Dave! I could not agree more.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Elcott Monday, Slag Tuesday, other special character or panel shows two days a week etc

    If he doesn’t want to give out the good stuff on the free feed, then just fade it off after 9 minutes. If the person listening to that bit wants it all they gotta fork it over.

  • Ed Noponen
    Ed Noponen

    It could be Phil’s got a dose of Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party” disease. He’s a big star, and wants to do shows, but he doesn’t want to keep doing the same kind of thing over and over. That’s too bad, if it’s the case, because I, for one, love his standard show and the regular characters. I’m substantially older than Phil, so I don’t think it’s merely his age. He’s sharp as ever. But I think he could be bored, because whenever he tries anything new folks don’t give it a chance and simply scream for the old stuff. Personally, he’s given me so many belly laughs (to say nothing of snickers, grins and indigestion), that I’ll stick with him whatever he decides to do. I owe it to him. Just my 2 cents worth . . .

    • Don Best
      Don Best

      Totally agree, Ed! Your 2 cents is worth plenty….

  • William

    Phil, how much original content do you provide on average per week? I’ve been a BSP member for 3 years and I’ve witness a steady decline in original content. Please respond

    • Tim

      the sycophants will call you out now.

    • Barbara

      He’s getting tired. Understandable at his age.

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