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Thursday, February 1, 2018

There is flu in the Hendrie household so we present this encore from January 2015. Phil talks to Dr. Ed Elcott who is looking for new disciples at Wampaugh Bowl. Chris Norton talks about the sudden retirement of porn star Bob Meat.

The BSP Classic Hour is from November 2000. This is an ALL-TIMER. Bob Green has developed a new brand of soda called “Soul Coke” which he plans to market to African American consumers.

Episode 1085 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • P. Allgood
    P. Allgood

    Rest, relax, recover, and feel better my brother.

  • Avatar

    Hey I think Limbaugh does a show for free everyday, go listen to him…
    Thanks Phil for all you do and have done, definitely one of the best comics out there!!!!

    • Mongo-Chow

      I love Phil too but does he need mouth piece? Let people have their opinion.

  • August

    It happens. My family just went through the flu. I was lucky I got the shot. People bitching about there not being a new show everyday need to go pound sand. I think some people just don’t realize there’s a vast Archive of shows available to us.
    Hope u get better soon Phil.

  • Avatar

    Love the show…sometime disappointed in the number of missed shows, but rather have it than not.

  • Brin McLaughlin
    Brin McLaughlin

    Be careful which zinc products are used and how. I suggest folks google about zinc nasal spray and loss of smell. Zinc chews should be okay, though!

  • Avatar
    Gary Harper

    I knew that was coming when I heard sinus infection. Highly virulent influenza in the United States right now. This one appears to possibly be airborne. Zinc nose spray is a method to stave those virus’ off. Take a few days off and hunker down..because, while “Judgement Sunrise” awaits us all..there’s no need to rush it.

  • Avatar
    tom jankowski

    not a ten buck per month show. sorry phil.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, especially when he gets sick and is unable to do his voices; the nerve of this guy

      • Ed Noponen
        Ed Noponen

        I agree with you, Christopher – don’t understand why some folks won’t give Phil a break. Although, it would be nice if the Archives were working today.

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