Hour 1:

Mavis Leonard works for a charity group that encourages African American athletes to stay out of the Winter Olympic games.

Hour 2:

Program director David G. Hall has a big announcement… the Phil Hendrie Show has welcomed a new sponsor Mint Green “a fresh wipe that helps you get rid of anal odor.” Margaret Gray calls in and sings the tag line. Phil plugs the website, plays the Alan Combes crank call, and talks about two student newspapers that ran the Mohammed cartoons. Raj Faneen is upset with Phil’s Mohammed comments and threatens to blow Phil’s car up. Phil talks about Kate Moss marrying a fraud and Phil recommends the DVD “The Shape of Things.”

Hour 3:

Jeff Dowder says the Morman Church is in upheaval. They’re leaving town because they found out Indians have Chinese blood, not Mediterranean blood. Phil explains the bullcrap with Frodo the Puppet: How come you always talk about Mohammed cartoon? Phil talks about the hate mail he got when he came to LA radio. Phil talks about Teachers, reads some e-mail, and plugs the “Best of” 2005 CD.

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