Hour 1:

Chris Pootay’s Love Songs: Chris freaks out when he takes a call from a woman he met at a signing. Phil reads some e-mail. Gaylan Shaw is looking for TV shows that families can enjoy and shares his feelings on interracial relationships. Phil enjoys some character quotes and talks about Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Bud Dickman says there are too many blacks and gays at the Academy Awards. Jeff Dowder calls in to discuss Bonnie Hunt.

Hour 2:

Raj Faneen thinks Arabs are entitled to a 20% discount on gasoline. He also says that Americans who complain about the price of gas should reduce their excess amount consumer spending.

Hour 3:

Ted Bell is outraged that he was pulled over by the cops, thrown on the ground, and cuffed. According to Ted, he just wanting to see what his new SLR McClaren Mercedes could do.

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