Classic Hour

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Margaret Grey reprises her performance of the theme from Star Trek and Frank Grey remembers seeing Gene Roddenberry conducting the orchestra “waving his arms all over the place.” Bobbie Dooley claims she had an uncle, Roy Robbie, who was a stunt man on Star Trek. Dr. Ron Tarner discovers Mr. Daryl Webber, a descendant of slaves owned by his family in Antebellum, Georgia, and tries to “bond” with him.

The BSP Classic Hour: Dean Wheeler comes on the program representing an organization called “Hands around the World.” Dean debates Phil’s claim that Thailand has a problem with child prostitution and child pornography.

David G. Hall calls in irate with Phil, and forbids him from saying the phrase “child prostitution”, and the conversation leads David to take extreme measures. During a call from a charming woman named Edith, Dean and David break into song. Later, Phil discusses his plan for one day saying the f-word on the air.

Episode 845 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Aw this makes me miss the Funky Chicken Jamboree and Liquor Cacophony Hour

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    So great listening to you without all the goddam commercials

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