Classic Hour

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Radio consultant Tom Dovka is doing David G Hall a favor and talks to Phil about a promotion. Jeff Dowdder gives some insight into what kind of candidate the new Space Force is looking for.

The BSP Classic Show is from May 2003. Harvey Weirman plays a California media watchdog representative who claims the Dixie Chicks are pornographic. Also Jay Santos wants to ban bachelorette parties.

Episode 1365 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Barbara

    Build that wall!

  • Avatar

    And yet for all Trumps flaws, he is miles better then anything the useless democratic party is offering…unless you like the deranged Cortez or the radical Islamist Iihan….The scary thing is these 2 lunatics are well supported by the left in America! Dangerously so.

  • Avatar
    jason bell

    Donald Trump’s bodyguards are named Matthew Calamari and Flute Newtney who were both hired by Nude Bootney.

    • TwiceRemoved77

      That’s The Newtney to you!

  • apathy2673

    Oh what fun it was when Phil loved war and Bush so much he played his speeches uninterrupted and then dismissed the lies about weapons of mass destruction with a “whatever”.

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Sorry that you’re married to a political party.

    • Ed Noponen
      Ed Noponen

      I just skip this stuff now when listening to older shows. But it is interesting that Phil could be so wrong then and so right now, and so certain of his righteousness in both cases. Of course, now, Trump is low hanging fruit.

      • P. Allgood
        P. Allgood

        But you can’t blame Phil for 45’s stupidity which caused him to be so low hanging. On nearly a daily basis DT makes it all too easy.

        • Avatar

          President Trump is one of the best we’ve had in ages. Here’s hoping for a second term, buddy!

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