Classic Hour

Thursday, January 10, 2019

An encore as Frank Grey joins the show to promote “I Remember The Hershey Squirts,” his book on the history of a legendary minor league hockey team. Bob Green’s Frazier Foods store is being audited and the IRS guy is Asian. “Don’t you see? They’re good at math.” Don Berman has a book about Donald Trump he’s promoting and is angry that no one believes a word in it.

The BSP Classic Hour is from February 2006. Steve Bosell contemplates suing Dr. Phil McGraw for encouraging openness in a marriage. Steve decides to open up his inner most sexual fantasies to April. One of them is his desire to stub out a lit Camel on her rear-end.

Episode 1330 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Avatar

    It shows logged in but says access denied… I listen from my phone… help!

  • Quentin

    “Ow ow ow”
    Use some Wackman.

  • Avatar

    Phil I’ve reached via email and gonna try this…. I am not able to sign in to listen to the shows!!!… membership is paid …. what’s up….. I’ve sent 5 emails and have not heard one thing

    • Nicholas

      If you can post you should be logged in. Have you tried playing the audio and video on a different browser? With me chrome does not work for some reason but works fine on the Microsoft browser.

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