Vernon Dozier started off the show by saying that women shouldn’t be allowed to attend Superbowl parties. They ask stupid questions and don’t know anything about the game. He said that he let his wife invite another woman over for the Superbowl and it was a big mistake.

Larry Grover joined us in the second hour to talk about Casto calling George W. Bush “stupid”. He was devastated. “It ruined my night with Gretchen Humphries. We had to end the date and watch the news.”

The final hour began with Phil ranting about Fergie, plastic surgery, and Michael Jackson.

RC wrapped up the show by giving his Superbowl retrospective.

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    Ty Brockington

    Vernon on women and Superbowl parties is an instant classic!

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    jesse segedy

    I love Vernon, I can tell his jaws are tight when hes talking:)

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    “She came out with a vibrator – which I did *not* approve the purchase of.” Oh, Vernon.

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