Bobbie Dooley started off the show by discussing her recent Wintertacular Cruise. She was invited to sit at the Captain’s table. Sandy Boucher was too fat and would embarass the girls, so she was asked to sit out. Bobbie and her friends have tried to help Sandy lose weight by calling her on the phone and oinking repeatedly at her.

The second hour featured a rant about the escaped Texas convicts, screwing up your kids, and the voices used on the show.

The third hour was closed by Art Griego, who was a Northwest Pilot fired for drinking on the job. Art thinks that all pilots take a pop before a flight, because it’s a very combat-like job. Very nerve-wracking. Art argued that pilots all pukle before every flight.

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    Driving between Burgaw and Wilmington NC, drinking a 22 oz Heineken when Lloyd said ” You aren’t even old enough to be in Vietnam, dumbass!” when a deer was in the middle of I-40.. Threw my head back laughing at 75 mph. Looked back at the road and there she was… ’90 Oldsmobile. Took her head CLEAN off. Hit on driver side, and she left a shit streak down the side of the car. Threw the beer out the window and continued home. Mile marker 412.. 2002 I believe, October. And great show as always!! John in Leland Area, NC

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    Gerry Blanck

    Is there any way to download this episode?

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