Hour 1:

“California Transients” Lloyd Bonifide tells Phil that he is doing a disservice when he brags about the nice weather in California because he’s encouraging people to move there. Mavis Leonard chimes in!

Hour 2:

Phil announces that he will be featured in the March 2000 issue of “Girl Talk” magazine, Bud Dickman chimes in. Doug Dannger went up to a person in a movie theatre told them to shut their cell phone off. Doug claims that heterosexuals simply don’t have th

Hour 3:

Conservative Larry Grover joins the program. Larry claims his failed efforts to remove president Bill Clinton from office cost him his family, led him to return to drinking, and forced him to join the church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints.

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    Kurt Krueger

    Lets say, just for laughs, your kid is kidnapped. – Doug Danger

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