Bobbie Dooley discusses her interview with Sugar Ray Leonard and Steve Bosell makes an appearance to talk about a giant asteroid bearing down on earth.

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  • Alex

    @Lon: I just tested on multiple machines and was not able to replicate your issues. The audio files seem fine from here. Why don’t you drop us a line at customer service and we’ll see if we can find anything wrong with your account (but more likely, it’s a simply cookie or caching issue). Thanks!

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    Lon Acree

    Yet again, the 1st and second hours on the streaming are THE SAME HOUR! The downloads do NOT play all the way through. I would fire whoever is tasked with populating the audio streams! Holy crap, why can’t they fix this?!? Also you can barely see what you’re typing because you have dark grey letting on a black background. Who thought THAT was a good idea? Hmmm? There now…I feel better! Thanks guys!

  • Alex

    Thanks for the heads up, Donn. I’ll look into it.

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    Donn Scheer

    Alex, FYI, on hour 1, Streaming & Download from 21:35-40:30 and the Videocast too, there is a noticeble background noise.

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