Phil got into a variety of arguments tonight with Margaret, Dr. Ron Tarner and Bud about what the greatest American invention was (Bud said “Catsup or Ketchup) and how Jason Jay Delmonico can become everything Sylvester Stallone is and more…even as a porn actor… Also a discussion of Kathyryn Bigelow’s “Zero Dark Thirty” doesn’t keep Margaret from stuffing her face with Hostess Cupcakes and bringing on the hearing impaired Debbie Daley for a “mumble-fest.”

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    Gordon Ewasiuk

    Jesus, that was some great radio on 1/30/2013. “This show is gonna kill me” then listening to Robert panic. Too damned funny. Thanks, Phil. You keep hitting home runs, man.

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    I know Sam Fuller’s daughter. I’ll pass on the compliment. He was awesome.

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    Donn Scheer

    The giant moving screen on the homepage is probably what’s causing all the new web site’s problems. Karma. The site is fighting back. Get rid of it and I think it will be smooth sailing.

    I’m just saying…

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